Welcome to the SLIS 5720 Summer 2010 Wiki!

To add your information:
  1. From the NAVIGATION links on the left, select the appropriate page (e.g, Games) by clicking on it.
  2. When the page appears, click on the light blue EDIT button in the upper right corner.
  3. Add your entry underneath the previous entry. Your entry should include the following:
    • The name of your specific technology (e.g., Second Life)
    • The address of the web site and a brief description of how the technology has been used or the suggested use in a school library setting
    • Briefly share how you could incorporate the technology in an educational setting. Be as specific as you can.
    • Your name
  4. Be sure to SAVE your changes to the page.
  5. DON'T FORGET: After you add your entry to this wiki, you will also need to submit the Technology Project 5 assignment to the instructor. In the submission box of the assignment, simply indicate which page you have edited (e.g., Virtual Worlds).